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изделие 9-19, МиГ-29СМТ ■ product 9-19, MiG-29SMT

New multi-role design 9-19 started in 2003 and it was a return to 9-17 line, but with reduced size of the dorsal fuel tank, and air-to-ground armament. Two aircrafts were involved in programme as prototypes. Large fuel tank of the 9-17 version of the SMT caused aerodynamical problems, so humb are reduced to half, with only one tank inside.


In 2005 MiG-29 #777 (9-12 version, owned by MiG bureau, earlier used in MiG-29SM programme) was rebuilt to prototype MiG-29SMT in version 9-19, with smaller than 9-17 hump back and in-flight refueling probe.

MiG-29SMT #777, 2005. Drawing accuracy: 100%.


Fully equipped was aircraft #919, also rebuilt from old airframe, in December 2006. Can carry three external tanks as all SMTs. Aircrafts #777 and #919 were prototypes to build a batch of MiGs-29SMT for Algeria builded between 2005 and 2006. All delivered to Algeria SMTs (and UBTs) were returned later (since 2007) to Russia.

MiG-29SMT #919, Russia 2007. Worth attention are 9-15-style position lights on wing tips and rectangular formation lights on fuselage, fins and under wing tips.Drawing accuracy: only left side.

In 2009 refined and repainted #777 became a prototype of an upgrade programme MiG-29SMT and double-seaters MiG-29UB (they don't have dorsal fuel tanks, so are called simply "upgraded UB", their avionics are unified with SMTs) for Russian air force, returned from Algeria. See here and there: 14th GvIAP, Khalino (Kursk).

MiG-29SMT #777, Russia 2009. Painting scheme is used on all SMTs and UBs in Khalino regiment. Drawing accuracy: 100%.

Probably Algerian episode ends a story of 9-19 line, because MiG bureau developed since about 2007-2009 unified family of MiGs 9-61 and 9-67 and naval variants 9-41 and 9-47 (called MiG-35, MiG-35D, MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB respectively). In that concept airframes and basic equipement are unified, even single-seaters (9-61 and 9-41) have the same canopys as double-seaters (9-67 and 9-47).

February 2011: in airfield of the Flight Research Institute after MM Gromov in Zhukovsky first flights of upgraded MiG-29 to standard MiG-29UPG. 65 Indian aircrafts will be rebuided to version UPG, first six in Russia, rest in Ozhar factory (contract from 2008). First modernized were two MiGs-29: KB 3301 (to KBU 3301) and KB 3123 (to KBU 3123), and one MiG-29UB.

Modernized Indian MiG-29UPG KBU 3123, Summer 2011. Drawing accuracy: 100%.

Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29in colours Colors of the MiG-29 (МиГ-29).
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