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изделие 9-19, МиГ-29СМТ ■ product 9-19, MiG-29SMT

изделие 9-19, МиГ-29СМТ ■ product 9-19, MiG-29SMT

изделие 9-19(P), МиГ-29СМТ(Р) ■ product 9-19(R), MiG-29SMT(R)

New multi-role design 9-19 started in 2003 and it was a return to 9-17 line, but with reduced size of the dorsal fuel tank, and air-to-ground armament. Large fuel tank of the 9-17 version of the SMT caused aerodynamical problems, so humb are reduced to half, with only one tank inside. Two aircraft were involved in programme as prototypes.

9-19 prototype 777

In 2005 MiG-29 #777 (9-12 version, owned by MiG bureau, earlier used in MiG-29SM programme) was rebuilt to prototype MiG-29SMT in version 9-19, with smaller than 9-17 hump back and in-flight refueling probe.

MiG-29SMT #777, 2005.
Drawing accuracy: 100%.

9-19 prototype 919

Fully equipped was aircraft #919, also rebuilt from old airframe, in December 2006. Can carry three external tanks as all SMTs. Aircraft #777 and #919 were prototypes to build a batch of MiGs-29SMT for Algeria.

MiG-29SMT #919, Russia 2007. Worth attention are 9-15-style position lights on wing tips and rectangular formation lights on fuselage, fins and on wing tips.
Drawing accuracy: only left side.

about 10-15 x MiG-29SMT 9-19
6 x MiG-29UB(mod) 9-53
serial production 2006-2007

In 2006 Algeria wants to buy 28 aircraft SMT and 6 upgraded UB. Some of them were delivered, but Algeria refuse to accept aircraft, so they returned to Russia. It's hard to say how many were produced in initial Algerian variants (15 aircraft were delivered, including five trainers).

MiG-29SMT #FC-12, Algeria, 2007. MiGs have two-tone camouflage (grey and blue), similiar to Algerian Su-30MKA.

In the end of the year 2008 Russian Federation buy for its own air force 25* MiG-29SMT (9-19) and 6 modernized MiG-29UB (9-53), including aircraft (10+5) returned by Algeria. In 2009 refined and repainted #777 became a prototype of Russian variant. MiGs returned to Lukhovitsy and Nizhniy Novogorod plants where were refurbished in 2009.
* Despite what say so called "sources", I've seen on photos only 25 aircraft, no more.

Prototype MiG-29SMT #777 in 2009. Good old #777 in new painting: grey and darkgrey polygons on lightgray background. Russian SMTs were painted in the same excellent pattern.

25 x MiG-29SMT 9-19
6 x MiG-29UB(mod) 9-53
serial production 2009-2010

14th Guards Fighter Air Regiment, Khalino (Kursk)
6963-ая авиабаза, Халино ■ 6963rd Air Base, Khalino (Kursk)

Algerian aircraft (and 10 that never been in Algeria) were delivered to Russian Air Force inventory in 2009 and 2010. Are used by two squadrons of 14-й гвардейский Ленинградский Краснознамённый ордена Суворова III степени истребительный авиационный полк, Халино (Курск) = 14th Leningrad's Guards Fighter Air Regiment honoured with a Suvorov Order 3rd class, airfield Halino (Kursk).

01 RF-92234
02 RF-92923
03 RF-92235
04 RF-92924
05 RF-92925
06 RF-92926
07 RF-92927
08 RF-92928
09 RF-92929
10 RF-92930
11 RF-92931
12 RF-92...
20 RF-92233 2009 tested in Lipeck
21 RF-92232 2009 tested in Lipeck
22 RF-92934
23 RF-92935
24 RF-92936
25 RF-92937
26 RF-92938
27 RF-92939
28 RF-92940 2011-2012 tested in GLITs in Akhtubinsk as "prototypes" of pure Russian version. In Akhtubinsk renumbered to doubled 22 (or 23)
29 RF-92941
30 RF-92942
31 RF-92943 (?) 2011-2012 tested in GLITs in Akhtubinsk as "prototypes" of pure Russian version. In Akhtubinsk renumbered to doubled 23 (or 22)
32 RF-93699 additional 25th aircraft?
39 RF-92231
71 RF-92944
72 RF-92945
73 RF-92946
74 RF-92947
21 RF-93614 Algerian FC-04, MAKS-2011, in 2012 upgraded to MiG-29UB(mod) ver. 9-53R, tests in Lipeck and Akhtubinsk

All Russian SMT and UB(mod) have very interesting type of camouflage with irregular polygons (grey and darkgrey) on lightgrey background. Please note that colours of polygons are changed on aircraft, there's at last four-five schemes. Since May 2010 aircraft have russian stars. Small number on top of the fins is white (1st squadron?) or red (2nd squadron). Note different colours in MiG emblem on left air intake. aircraft have a position lights to night flights when night googles are used.

MiG-29SMT #20, Russia, February 2009, 14th Guards Fighter Air Regiment (GvIAP) in airfield Halino, Kursk.
Drawing accuracy: 100%.

MiG-29SMT #29, Russia, 2010, 14th Guards Fighter Air Regiment (GvIAP) in airfield Halino, Kursk.
Drawing accuracy: 100%

MiG-29SMT #27, Russia, July 2010, 14th Guards Fighter Air Regiment (GvIAP) in airfield Halino, Kursk.
Drawing accuracy: 100%.

MiG-29UB upgraded #39 RF-92231, Russia, 2011, Lipyeck.
Drawing accuracy: 100%.

A little confusing but funny. Painting scheme like MiG-29SMT, but it's only a MiG-29UB, owned by RSK MiG and used by Gromow's Flight Research Intititute (previously - until 2015 - aircraft was painted in blue-white scheme Russian Television Channel One). Overhaul done in 2016 in 121st ARZ @ Kubinka. Another MiG-29 (9-12, blue #150) was repainted in the same way in 2017 or in 2016.
Drawing accuracy: 100%.

2017 status: airbase in Khalino is operational. Since Summer of 2017 equipped with Su-30SM.

Algerian episode almost ends a story of 9-19 line, because MiG bureau developed since about 2007-2009 unified family of MiGs 9-61 and 9-67 and naval variants 9-41 and 9-47 (called MiG-35, MiG-35D, MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB respectively). In that concept airframes and basic equipement are unified, even single-seaters (9-61 and 9-41) have the same canopys as double-seaters (9-67 and 9-47).

A branch of 9-19 programm is product 9-20 - upgrade of Indian Air Force MiG-29/UB to SMT 9-19 and 9-53 standards.
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МиГ-29СМТ 9-19(Р) «МиГ-29СМТ(Р)» ■ MiG-29SMT(R)
модернизованный МиГ-29УБ 9-53(Р) «МиГ-29УБМ» ■ MiG-29UB(mod) or MiG-29UBM

14 x MiG-29SMT 9-19R
2 x MiG-29UB(mod) 9-53R
serial production 2015-2016

116-й Учебный центр боевого применения ВКС России, Приволжский (Астраханская область)
116th Center of Combat Application of Russian Air and Space Force, Privolzhskiy near Astrakhan

About 2011, shortly after post-Algerian delivery, Russian Air Force waiting for new MiG-35. As temporary solution, in 2011 and 2012 Khalino's two SMT and one UB(mod.) plus MiG-29UB #139 (old plane owned by MiG bureau, in new overall darkgrey livery) were modernized to 9.19(R) and 9.53(R) standards and tested in Akhtubinsk (SMT were renumbered to doubled numbers #22 and #23, UB(mod) retain its number #21). Also upgraded and repainted prototype #777 was involved in tests.
Finally Russian Air Forces bought 14 aircraft 9.19(R) MiG-29SMT and 2 modernised 9.53(R) MiG-29UB. They were delivered in 2015 and 2016 to 116th Center of Combat Application at Privolzhskiy airbase near Astrakhan.

20 RF-90844
21 RF-90845
22 RF-90846
23 RF-90847
24 RF-90857
25 RF-90858
26 RF-92307
27 RF-92308
28 RF-92309
30 RF-92310
31 RF-92311
32 RF-92312
34 RF-92913
35 RF-92314
50 RF-90850
51 RF-90853

About 2012 owned by MiG old MiG-29UB #139 was upgraded to 9-53R standard and used for trials. In darkgrey livery MiG looks ugly.
Drawing accuracy: 100%.

aircraft in Privolzhsiy have a new grey-green camouflage scheme, in 2015 applied also in prototype #777.

Prototype #777, MiG-29SMT, 2015.
Drawing accuracy: 100% (only one side).

MiG-29SMT #23, Privolzhskiy, Russia, December 2015.
Drawing accuracy: 100%.

MiG-29SMT #25, Privolzhskiy, Russia, 2016.
Drawing accuracy: 100%.

MiG-29UB(mod) #50, Privolzhskiy, Russia, 2016.
Drawing accuracy: 100%.

2018 status: airbase in Privolzhskiy is operational. In September - December 2017 four aircraft were deployed to Syria, to Khmeymin air base, to fight against IS and gain a combat experience.

Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29 in colours Colours of the MiG-29 (МиГ-29).
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