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Југославија, Црна Гора, Србија

until 1992: Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
1992-2006: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, then State Union of Serbia and Montenegro
since June 2006: Republic of Serbia

Data update: August 2010

In service

1987-1992 SFRY
1992-2006 FRY, SUSM
since 2006 up to day: Republic of Serbia
Operational in 2010: 3 from 4


1987/1988 (SFRY): 14 MiG-29* (9-12B) and 2 MiG-29UB* (9-51) from Soviet Union
In total: 16 MiGs in 1987 and 1988
* Local name is L-18 and NL-18
10 MiG-29 and 1 MiG-29UB in 1999
1 MiG-29 in 2009


1987-1991: 127th squadron of 204th Fighter Air Regiment*, Batajnica [Bataynica] near Belgrad
1991-2006: 127th squadron Vityezovi (Knights) of 204th Fighter Air Regiment, Batajnica
Since 2006: 101st squadron in 204th Air Base, Batajnica

* 204. LAP Lovacki Aviacijski Polk (Fighter Air Regiment) have two squadrons, one with MiGs-29 127. LAE Lovacka Aviacijska Eskadrila (Fighter Air Squadron) and second 126. LAE equipped with MiG-21bis (L-17).

204. LAP

127. LAE, "Vityezovi"

101. LAE, "Vityezovi"

204. AB


L-18: 18101, 18102, 18103, 18104, 18105, 18106, 18107, 18108, 18109, 18110, 18111, 18112, 18113, 18114
NL-18: 18301, 18302

MiG-29 #112, SFRY Yugoslavia 1989. Standard MiG's camouflage.

Bort numbers it's a three last digits of the aircraft's number.
Local name of MiG-29 is a Serbian designation L-18 for Lovac (fighter).
Local name of MiG-29UB is a Serbian designation NL-18 Nastavni Lovac (trainer fighter).


MiG-29 #108, Serbia & Montenegro 2004. Markings were used in FRY.

1999: only five MiGs survive NATO's operation Allied Force. Four were destroyed on the ground, six were shot-down and one is crashed:

  1. L-18 18103 - destroyed on ground by NATO in air strike at Batajnica AB, 1999
  2. L-18 18104 - destroyed on ground by NATO in air strike at Niš airport, 1999
  3. L-18 18106 - shot down near Kruševac by friendly fire (SAM), pilot maj. Predrag Milutinović ejected safely, 1999
  4. L-18 18107 - destroyed on ground by NATO in air strike at Batajnica AB, 1999
  5. L-18 18109 - shot down near Valejvo by NATO F-16C (there's some information about friendly fire too - MANPAD), pilot col. Milenko Pavlović was killed, 1999
  6. L-18 18110 - crashed near Ponikve airport during a non-combat flight, maj. Slobodan Tešanović ejected safely, 1999
  7. L-18 18111 - shot down near Titel by NATO F-15C, pilot maj. Nebojša Nikolić ejected safely, 1999
  8. L-18 18112 - shot down near Priština by NATO F-15C or possible friendly fire (SAM), pilot maj. Iljo Arizanov ejected safely on enemy territory (held by KLA) and managed to break through enemy lines to Priština Air Base, 1999
  9. L-18 18113 - shot down near Loznica by NATO F-15C, crashed in Bosnia, pilot capt. Zoran Radoslavljević was killed, 1999
  10. L-18 18114 - shot down near Bijeljina by NATO F-15C, crashed in Bosnia, pilot, maj. Slobodan Perić ejected safely in Bosnia and with help of local Serbs managed to escape capture by NATO forces and escapes back to FRY, 1999
  11. NL-18 18302 - destroyed on ground by NATO in air strike at Batajnica AB, 1999

Since 2006 РЕПУБЛИКА СРБИЈА, Republic Serbia

Ваздухопловство и противваздухопловна одбрана (Air Force and Air Defence)

In 2006 are formed 204th Air Base in Batajnica, with various units:
- 101st Fighter Air Squadron (101. LAE)
- 252nd Mixed Air Squadron
- 138th Mixed Transport Aviation Squadron
- 1st Reconnaissance Aviation Section
- 24th Air Force Technical Batallion
- 17th Air Base Security Batallion
- 117th Air Force and Air Defense Artillery Batallion
- Air Force and Air Defense Training Center
- Aeronautical Plant "Moma Stanojlović"
- Military Technical Test Center Flight Test Section

Serbia in 2007: 18101, 18102, 18105, 18108, 18301.

MiG-29 #101, Serbia, early 2007, before overhaul. Serbian markings.

2007-2008: four (+18102 optional) MiGs were overhauled in cooperation with RSK MiG in Batajnica (ВАЗДУХОПЛОВНИ ЗАВОД "Мома Станојловић", Aeronautical Plant VZ "Moma Stanojlović") and Russia: 18101 18301 18105 18108.

2008: MiGs were painted in Batajnica with grey scheme (on #101 and #301 more greyish and lighter, on #105 and #108 more blueish). First overhauled L18 18101 was shown to public 1st June 2008 by general Djukanovic in the airshow in Cenej airfield near Novi Sad.

Not by accident, Serbian MiGs were painted in trendy MiG-35 style.

July 2009: MiG-29 18105 is crashed in Batajnica, the pilot colonel Rade Randjelović (Ranđelović) and the soldier private Milan Ulemek at the ground were killed.

2009: according to annual RSK MiG report, overhaul of the MiGs continues (18102).

MiG-29 #101, Serbia, February 2008. Just overhauled. Drawing accuracy: 100%.

MiG-29 301, Serbia, June 2008. The sole trainer, colours like #101. Drawing accuracy: shape on upper surfaces are somewhat approximated.

MiG-29 #105, Serbia, summer of the year 2008. Slightly different colours than #101, more blueish. Similar colours has #108.
Destroyed in crash in 2009. Drawing accuracy: 100%.

MiG-29 #108, Serbia, summer of the year 2008. Drawing accuracy: shape on upper surfaces are somewhat approximated.

There's a minor differences between four aircrafts: gray or black numbers on fins, grey or darkgrey roundels with Serbian Cross and slightly different shapes of grey blotches.

2010: in service are three MiGs-29 and one MiG-29UB. Three of them are operational, and fourth will be when overhaul ends.

  1. 18101 - operational, overhauled between 2007 and 2008 in Batajnica
  2. 18102 - currently overhauled
  3. 18108 - operational, overhauled between 2007 and 2008 in Batajnica
  4. 18301 - operational, overhauled between 2007 and 2008 in Batajnica

products/nb/ncamouflage2010 status
9-12B2960525005181012-tone standard
->2-tone 2007-2008 Batajnica
in service
9-12B 181022-tone standardnot in service (in overhaul)
9-12B 181032-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B 181042-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B 181052-tone standard
->2-tone 2007-2008 Batajnica
crashed 2009
9-12B2960525096181062-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525098181072-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B 181082-tone standard
->2-tone 2007-2008 Batajnica
in service
9-12B2960525102181092-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B 181102-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525136181112-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B 181122-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B 181132-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B 181142-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-51B 183012-tone standard
->2-tone 2007-2008 Batajnica
in service
9-51BN50903006406183022-tone standardlost in war 1999

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