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Revised: March 2018

Before 2006 see: Yugoslavia, Serbia & Montenegro



In service

Ваздухопловство и противваздухопловна одбрана (Air Force and Air Defence) since 2006


Since 2006 5 MiGs after Serbia & Montenegro (4 x MiG-29B and 1 x MiG-29UB).

2007-2010 overhauled in cooperation with RSK MiG in Batajnica (ВАЗДУХОПЛОВНИ ЗАВОД "Мома Станојловић", Aeronautical Plant VZ "Moma Stanojlović") and in Russia.

July 2009: MiG-29 18105 crashed in Batajnica, the pilot and the soldier at the ground were killed.

In the begining of 2018 three aircraft are in service, one (18101) is out of service and used as a source of spare parts. They were expectected to be overhauled in 2018 Moma Stanojlovic Plant and maybe modernized.

October 2017: 6 MiGs (3 x 9-13, 1 x 9-12, 2 x 9-51) were gifted by Russia from surplus of Russian Air Forces (from Millerovo and Privolzhskiy), overhauled, delivered in 2017, first public appearance in October 2017. One on MiGs immediately after was delivered in 2017 was sent back to Russia for overhaul in 121st ARZ at Kubinka. All aircraft are believed to became operational in 2018.

In total 11 MiGs (2006 + 2017)
Local name is L-18 (Lovac = fighter) and NL-18 (Nastavni Lovac = trainer fighter)


101st squadron in 204th Air Base, Batajnica

101. LAE, "Vityezovi"

204. AB

204th Air Base in Batajnica was formed in 2006, with various units:
- 101st Fighter Air Squadron (101. LAE)
- 252nd Mixed Air Squadron
- 138th Mixed Transport Aviation Squadron
- 1st Reconnaissance Aviation Section
- 24th Air Force Technical Batallion
- 17th Air Base Security Batallion
- 117th Air Force and Air Defense Artillery Batallion
- Air Force and Air Defense Training Center
- Aeronautical Plant "Moma Stanojlović"
- Military Technical Test Center Flight Test Section


Ex Yugoslav:
MiG-29 (L-18): 18101 18102 18105 18108
MiG-29 (ML-18): 18301

2017 batch:
MiG-29 (9-12): 18151
MiG-29 (9-13): 18201 18202 18203
MiG-29UB (9-51): 18351 18352

Camouflage and painting

MiG-29 18101, Serbia, early 2007, before overhaul. Serbian markings.

2008: MiGs were painted in Batajnica with grey scheme (on 18101 and 18301 more greyish and lighter, on 18105 and 18108 more blueish).
First overhauled L18 18101 was shown to public 1st June 2008 by general Djukanovic in the airshow in Cenej airfield near Novi Sad.
There's a minor differences between aircraft: gray or black numbers on fins, grey or darkgrey roundels with Serbian Cross and slightly different shapes of grey blotches.

Not by accident, Serbian MiGs were painted in trendy MiG-35 style.

MiG-29 18101, Serbia, February 2008. Just overhauled. Drawing accuracy: 100%.

MiG-29 18301, Serbia, June 2008. The sole trainer, colours like #101. Drawing accuracy: shape on upper surfaces are somewhat approximated.

MiG-29 18105, Serbia, summer of the year 2008. Slightly different colours than 101, more blueish. Similar colours has 108. Drawing accuracy: 100%.

MiG-29 18108, Serbia, summer of the year 2008. Drawing accuracy: shape on upper surfaces are somewhat approximated.

In 2012 100th anniversary of Serbian Air Force was celebrated.

New MiGs. In December 2016 Russia gifted to Serbia 6 MiGs from Russian Air Forces surplus. First public appearance in October 2017.

MiG-29 18202, Serbia, October 2017. One of the new MiGs.

MiG-29 18101, Serbia, October 2017. One of the old MiGs from Yugoslavia times. On fuselage little plaques "100th anniversary of Serbian Air Force" celebrated in 2012.

products/n (year of production)b/ncamouflagestatus (February 2018)
9-12B2960525085 (1987)181012-tone standard
2-tone 2007-2008 Batajnica
SERBIAN AIR FORCE (out of service)
9-12B2960525086 181022-tone standard
2-tone 2010 Batajnica
9-12B2960525089 (1987)181032-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525090 (1987)181042-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525095 (1987)181052-tone standard
2-tone 2007-2008 Batajnica
crashed 2009
9-12B2960525096 (1987)181062-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525098 (1987)181072-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525100 (1987)181082-tone standard
2-tone 2007-2008 Batajnica
9-12B2960525102 (1987)181092-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525104 (1987);181102-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525136 (1988)181112-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525139 (1988)181122-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525142 (1988)181132-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-12B2960525146 (1988)181142-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-51B183012-tone standard
2-tone 2007-2008 Batajnica
9-51BN50903006406 183022-tone standardlost in war 1999
9-122960526364 (1989)181512-tone greySERBIAN AIR FORCE
9-132960727445 (1989)182012-tone greySERBIAN AIR FORCE
9-132960728107 (1989) 182022-tone greySERBIAN AIR FORCE
9-132960728141 (1989) 182032-tone greySERBIAN AIR FORCE
9-5150903019679 (1990) 183512-tone greySERBIAN AIR FORCE
9-5150903025459 (1991)183522-tone greySERBIAN AIR FORCE

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