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drawings of the MiG-29

July 2015: MiG-29K Russian Navy

November 2014: MiG-29KUB Russian Navy

November/December 2013: Polish MiG-29 in Kosciuszko Squadron Heroes painting, 2012.

November 2013: MiG-29M2 (MiG-35), August 2013.

November 2013: MiG-29UB, Ukrainian Air Force, 2012, so called digital camouflage.

November 2013: MiG-29LL Gromov Flight Research Institute, August 2013.

November 2013: corrected Iranian MiG-29UB, March 2012.

November 2013: Peruvian MiG-29SMP, 2012.

Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29in colours Colors of the MiG-29 (МиГ-29).
Worldwide aircraft Mikoyan & Gurevich MiG-29 (Fulcrum) camouflage and painting schemes

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All aircraft drawings © Mariusz Wojciechowski 2005-2017, Słupsk (Poland)
Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29in colours