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ЛИИ, Жуковский ■ LII, Zhukovsky

Every type of military russian aircraft should pass the State Acceptance Trials. First stage (A) to confirm flying characteristics, in LII Летно-исследовательский институт имени М.М. Громова, a State (Ministry of Air Industry) Flight Research Institute named after M. M. Gromov in Zhukovskiy near Moscov. Military stage B, to confirm combat characteristics, is realised in the 929-й ГЛИЦ, Ахтубинск (929th GLITs, Akhtubinsk).

LII is a research and development establishment, which handles the most relevant problems of aviation and cosmonautics with the methods of scientific experiment using flying laboratories, models, test and production planes. It's tasks is: testing prototype aircrafts and equipment, conducts most complex prototype tests, improving the techniques of prototype flight tests, improves the standard testing techniques to use in military and civil aviation and issues corresponding guiding documents (prototype testing manuals, adequacy-testing methods, etc.), developing the safety issues.

ЛИЦ Лётно-испытательный центр (LITs Flight Research Centre) and later PITs (Pilotazhno-Isslyedovatyelskiy Cyentr, Research Pilot Centre) was founded in LII by test-pilot Anatoliy Nikolaevich Kvochur in 1992 to carry out the research programs on designing of cockpits and control units, satellite radio navigation, in-flight refueling, extra long-distance non-stop flights, extramanoeuvrability operations, medical purposes, and for demonstrative flights of the Su-27, Su-30 and MiG-29.

To perform a tests, LII get in 1992 some aircrafts, under command of test-pilot Anatoly Kvochur an aerobatic team was created, named Test Pilots Team, active between 1992 and 1996. Use demilitarized Su-27P, Su-27PU (Su-30) and two MiGs-29. MiGs are destroyed in mid-air collision in Fairford, Great Britain, during air show in 1993. After that, only Su-30 were used, displayed mainly by A. Kvochur itself.

Test Pilots team uses then two MiGs #526 and 925, 1993. Drawing accuracy: 100%.

2013 status: first MiG in LII in Zhukovsky since 1993: MiG-29UB converted to LL (Flying Laboratory).

MiG-29LL, August 2013. Drawing accuracy: 100%.

Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29in colours Colors of the MiG-29 (МиГ-29).
Worldwide aircraft Mikoyan & Gurevich MiG-29 camouflage and painting schemes

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Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29in colours