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4-й ЦБПиПЛС, Липецк-2 ■ 4th TsBPiPLS, Lipyetsk-2

Old emblem of the 3rd Corps of the Air Defencefrom times of the Second World WarLipyetsk (Lipeck) it's a home of the 4-й Центр Боевой Подготовки и Переучивания Личного Состава ВВС имени В.П.Чкалова (4th Centre of the Combat Preparation and Re-training of the Flying Personnel). In Centre is active 968-й ИИСАП Севастопольский Псследовательско-Инструкторский Смешанный Авиационный Полк (968th IISAP, Sevastopol's Research and Instructors Mixed Air Regiment) with four squadrons:
1st fighter air squadron: Su-27, Su-27UB, Su-30, Su-27SM
2nd fighter air squadron: MiG-29 and MiG-29UB
3rd bomber air squadron: Su-24M
4th assault air squadron: Su-25

In nineties in Lipyetsk remain a few MiGs - about ten (half of them were double-seaters), rest of them, withdrawed from Nobitz, are tranfered to other regiments. They have classic camouflage with added Russian-flag on top, numbers were changed* and repainted on fuselage, known are #29, #31, #32. For sure aircraft #38 will be renumbered to #22 before 2006 (but not have a flag on top). MiGs-29UB have numbers #34, #35, #36, #37 and #38 and were painted in two-tone camouflage (lightgrey and lightgreen), but colours after 2000 were almost faded - both almost the same lightgrey.
* In Russian Air Force code numbers are not assigned to aircraft, but airplanes are numbered in each unit, from 01 (13 is not used, because thet are supersticius). Double-seaters usually have numbers atarted from 60. A chaos started when aircrafts are shifted between units.

MiG-29 #29, 968th regiment was one of the eight regiments with MiG-29 in Soviet Western Group of Forces in German Democratic Republic. Airfield Nobitz (Altenburg), about 1990. Very interesting MiG-29 from early production series 9-12: small auxiliary ventral fins and no overwing chaff/flare dispensers. Aircrafts #07, #08, #35, #40 and #42 wear a "winged star" emblem. Each of them has been renovated and repainted in some places by various enamels, in regiment's technical maintenance unit. Drawing accuracy: only one side.

MiG-29 #29, 968th IISAP Lipyetsk, about 1998. Bort numbers on dark background, changed from #54. White stripes to distinguish "friends" and "foes" during exercises. Drawing accuracy: shapes of the camouflage are approximated a little on upper surfaces.

MiG-29 #32, Russia, Lipyetsk, about 1998. Drawing accuracy: 100%.

MiG-29UB #37, Russia, Lipyetsk, after 2000. Drawing accuracy: 100%, but aircraft should be more dirty before overhaul. Faded red in stars is OK.

MiG-29 #23, Russia, Lipyetsk, 2006. Repainted by local technical maintenance unit some years ago. Also #22 was painted in that way. Drawing accuracy: 100%, but only left side.

MiG-29 #24, Russia, Lipyetsk, 2010. Repainted by local technical maintenance just recently (also #22 and MiG-29UB #38 were repainted in that way).Drawing accuracy: 100%, but only left side.

Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29in colours Colors of the MiG-29 (МиГ-29).
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All aircraft drawings © Mariusz Wojciechowski 2005-2015, Słupsk (Poland)
Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29in colours