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6982-ая авиабаза, Домна ■ 6982nd Air Base, Domna

Domna until the end of the 2009 was a home of the 120-й Гвардейский Истребительный Авиационный Полк (120th Guards Fighter Air Regiment), then a regiment was disbanded and new 6982nd Air Base created, inherited its aircrafts. In addiction, to complete a fully equipped, in December 2009 the MiGs from 28th GvIAP in Андреаполь (Andreapol) were transferred to Domna, because the unit in Andreapol was disbanded.

MiG-29 from 120th IAP, 2000. For years (since 1998) MiGs in Domna have a specific numerals, shark's jaws, Russian two-headed eagle on fins, high-detailed flying vulture (sometimes described as eagle) on left side of the spine and MiG shooting to a F-15 on left side of the spine. Full sets were painted on #41, #45 and #52, on #40, #49 and #55 there's no spine's painting, all painting were created by captain Valeriy Maksimyenko. It's worth to remember that the vulture (eagle?) it's an emblem painted in eighties on regiment's MiGs-23 in Afghanistan during war, with "Баграм-88" (Bagram) and "Шиндад-88" (Shindad), also shark's mouths were painted in Afghanistan. Drawing accuracy: markings and emblems are OK, but camouflage is approximated a little, especially on upper surfaces.

MiG-29 from 120th IAP, Domna, 2007. Since 2007 aircrafts were overhauled. Jaws are re-created in Domna by technicians. All dielectric covers are painted in blue, in that way are painted: #11, #18, #44, #47 and even MiG-29UB #84. Stunning blue look was created rather by accident, when freshly overhauled aircrafts became to Domna without repainted dielectric covers, and technicians discover that cans contains not grey, but enamel. Drawing accuracy: markings are OK,but camouflage is approximated a little, especially on upper surfaces.

2010 status: air base in Domna is operational, amount of MiGs: 36 x MiG-29 + 6 x MiG-29UB.

Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29in colours Colors of the MiG-29 (МиГ-29).
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Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29in colours