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Republic of Moldova

In service

Between 1991 and 2006


1991: 6 MiG-29 (9-12), 21 MiG-29 (9-13) and 6 MiG-29 (9-51) from Soviet Union inheritance
In total 33 MiGs in 1991

1992: 1 MiG-29 (9-13) no. 53 sold to Romania, quantity: 33-1=32
1992: 1 MiG-29 lost in conflict in Transnistria, quantity: 32-1=31
1994: 4 MiG-29 sold to Yemen, quantity: 31-4=27.

1997: 21 MiGs for were bought by United States of America administration (to avoid that they're bought by Iran) and transported by C-17 Globemaster III to Wright-Patterson AFB, USA. Investigated by National Air Intelligence Center, Dayton, Ohio. In 2007 few remains in museums and variuos air bases (for example Nellis AFB).

In 1997 6 MiG-29 left in Moldova, out of service, probably not flightworthy.

1994: 12 MiG-29 was loaned to South Yemen, later they return to Moldova and were overhauled in Belarus in 1997.

2006: MiGs are out of service.

2007: 6 MiG-29 (9-13) in pale, faded grey-lightgreen camo remains in Marculeshty airfield.

June 2010: Moldova want to sell six MiGs for about 27-30 mln USD or scrapped them if it's not possible to sell the aircraft. MiGs are in non-flying state and need an overhaul, they were produced in 1988.


Marculeshty (ex. Soviet 86th Fighter Air Regiment of Black Sea Fleet of USSR)


MiG-29 in green camouflage: white numbers 03 04 07 08
MiG-29UB: darkblue number 61
MiG-29 in grey-lightgreen camouflage: yellow numbers 07 42 43 44 45 47

Camouflage and painting

MiG-29 without bort number, Moldova 1993.
Inherited from Soviet Union aircraft were repainted in Markuleshty in overall green.
Majority of pilots left Moldova, and only four pilots can fly MiGs in 1993.

MiG-29UB no. 61, Moldova about 1995, special painting scheme.

1997: MiGs for USA

MiG-29 #08 (previously #21), Moldova end of nineties and 2005 in USA.
Below a thin layer of green enamel original camouflage was still visible (green-darkgreen-sand-brown or grey-lightgreen) - that's why a green color looked so "ugly". In 2005 green is still on the aircraft, but almost scratched (#08, #16 in USA).

One of the Moldovian MiGs-29 in totally fictious painting made in 15th NAS, Fallon, Nevada, 2007.

MiG-29 #47, Moldova 2007.

Mariusz Wojciechowski MiG-29 in colours Colours of the MiG-29 (МиГ-29).
Worldwide aircraft Mikoyan & Gurevich MiG-29 (Fulcrum) camouflage and painting schemes

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